We're thrilled to announce that Gold Standard Phantoms will be showcasing our groundbreaking MRI technologies at the upcoming Ampere Investor + Pitching Event on March 26th from 2–5 PM at Electric Works.

GSP stands at the forefront of a ground-breaking evolution in medical imaging, embodying precision, reliability, and innovation. Founded on the principle that accurate diagnosis is the cornerstone of effective treatment, GSP introduced over the last 9 years an unparalleled suite of quality assurance and calibration devices, called phantoms, designed to revolutionise the field of MRI. These phantoms, meticulously engineered to simulate the physical properties of human tissue, offer a new benchmark in the validation and standardisation of imaging techniques across the whole MRI field.

GSP’s has recently developed the first-ever one-stop-shop calibration technology. Combining embedded phantoms with calibration software provided through a subscription as software as a medical device (SaaMD). Early results from this ground-breaking technology received a lot of interest from the major OEMs in this sector at the recent European Congress of Radiology held in Vienna at the beginning of March.

Why GSP?

Precision and Reliability:

Our phantoms ensure consistent and accurate imaging, essential for effective diagnosis and treatment.


The first-ever one-stop-shop calibration technology, combining embedded phantoms with calibration software, has already caught the attention of major OEMs.


Our co-founders, Prof. Xavier Golay, Dr. Aaron Oliver-Taylor, and Dr. Tom Hampshire, bring over 50 years of combined experience in MRI technology.

With over 125 million MRI scans performed annually worldwide, GSP is poised to capture a significant market share with our potentially revolutionary technology. Globally over 5000 MRI machines are bought yearly with an estimated 50,000 currently installed in OECD countries. With a global market worth $5.2B in 2023 and a CAGR of 5%, GSP is positioned to capture a sizable share with its potentially revolutionary technology.


GSP originated in London but has relocated to Sheffield, following an emerging trend of companies migrating to the secret startup capital of the UK.

For GSP, Sheffield was the obvious choice given its access to two major universities, facilities such as the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), and several major teaching hospitals.

Co-founders Prof. Xavier Golay, Dr. Aaron Oliver-Taylor, and Dr. Tom Hampshire, initially crossed paths in their separate departments at University College London. Having worked together since 2014, the team combined comes with more than 50 years of experience in the field.

Xavier Golay, co-founder & CEO, started his PhD in MRI in 1994 and pursued a career that brought him from Switzerland to UCL as Professor of MR Physics, via Johns Hopkins in the USA and Philips Healthcare in Singapore. In June 2023, he decided that he could no longer sustain both academic and commercial activities and gave up his post at UCL to take over the helm of the company full-time.

Aaron Oliver Taylor, Co-Founder & CTO, finished his PhD in MRI in 2012 at UCL, where he met Xavier and first talked about developing calibration devices for MRI, which eventually led to the foundation of GSP. Aaron is an amazing multitasker, with a breadth of knowledge spanning chemistry, electronics, imaging, and hardware development. He has worked at the company as CTO since its inception.

Tom Hampshire, Co-Founder & CIO, is a computer scientist and software engineer, with a PhD in Medical Image Computing (2013). Tom has been the driving force behind the software development of the company. With such skills, he was a natural third founder to the team, helping shape the company into what it has become today.

Join us at the Ampere X STP Investor Event + Pitching in Sheffield on March 26th, from 2-5 PM at Electric Works. Don't miss this opportunity to see GSP's pitch and learn more about how we're shaping the future of medical imaging.

Investor link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ampere-x-stp-pitching-day-for-investors-tickets-849498150837 

Founder link: https://ampere.events/event/ampere-events-x-stp-investor-event-pitching/

Electric Works: 3 Concourse Way, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2BJ

Gold Standard Phantoms is proud to have been recognised on the Tech Climbers Yorkshire list for 2023. This accolade further solidifies the company's position as a leader in the creation of phantoms and calibration objects for quantitative MRI, making significant strides in the technology field.

Gold Standard Phantoms, a UCL spin-out company, focuses on developing cutting-edge calibration objects that improve the reliability of MRI scans, ensuring the highest quality of medical diagnostics. For the past year Gold Standard Phantoms has been proud to call Sheffield home, and this award underlines its commitment to contributing to the area's thriving tech ecosystem.

"We are deeply honoured to have our efforts acknowledged and celebrated as we make the Tech Climbers Yorkshire list for 2023,"

says Professor Xavier Golay, CEO of Gold Standard Phantoms and former Professor at UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology.

"This achievement underscores our passion and dedication to advancing technology in healthcare. We are also grateful to Business Sheffield for their invaluable support, which has undoubtedly contributed to our success. The strength of Sheffield's tech ecosystem lies in its diversity, innovation and collaboration, and we're proud to be part of this dynamic community,"

says George Georgitsis, Director of Business Development of Gold Standard Phantoms.

Business Sheffield has been an incredible support to Gold Standard Phantoms, providing resources and assistance that have greatly contributed to the company's achievements. Gold Standard Phantoms is proud to represent Sheffield on the Tech Climbers Yorkshire list, reaffirming its commitment to drive technological advancements in the medical imaging field.

For more information about Gold Standard Phantoms, visit www.GoldStandardPhantoms.com

About Gold Standard Phantoms:

Gold Standard Phantoms is a dynamic spin-out company from the renowned University College London's Institute of Neurology. Our mission is to revolutionise the field of medical imaging by bridging the gap between pattern recognition and precise scientific measurement. Through strategic collaborations with clinicians, radiographers, radiological societies, imaging manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and regulatory bodies, we provide an all-encompassing solution for maintaining standards in quantitative medical imaging. Gold Standard Phantoms continues to strive towards technological advancement in healthcare.

Media Contact:
George Georgitsis
Director of Business Development
+44 7508 768083

PDF version available here:

Tech-Climbers Press Release

Bdaily.co.uk, one of the best known online publisher of UK regional business news, and their correspondent Mr. Matthew Neville featured Gold Standard Phantoms relocation to Sheffield's Sheaf Bank Business Park in an article posted on their news portal on the fifth of April 2022.

The article:

"A medical imaging spinout from University College London’s Institute of Neurology has secured office space in Sheffield’s Sheaf Bank Business Park with plans to expand in the region. Gold Standard Phantoms develops products to improve the accuracy of medical imaging devices such as MRI scanners. By using one of the company’s phantoms to calibrate readings, such as the FUNSTAR (Functional Stability Reference), MRI operators can test the stability of their system.

The company also offers a cloud data storage solution, GSP Cloud, which tracks routine quality assurance metrics and provides an overview of system performance for researchers and institutions. Professor Xavier Golay, CEO of Gold Standard Phantoms, commented:

"Sheffield benefits from a pool of highly trained technicians and engineers with skills critical to a manufacturing startup. With Sheffield’s community of universities and researchers, it is a logical place for us to expand.”

Professor Golay is chair of magnetic resonance physics and translational neuroscience at UCL’s Queen Square Institute of Neurology. A world-renowned MRI specialist with over 25 years of experience in MRI R&D, he is the author of more than 180 scientific papers and “among the most frequently cited researchers in the field”. The Sheffield office will be led by Dr Aaron Oliver-Taylor, the company’s CTO and an MRI physicist with close to 15 years experience working in MRI. He added:

“As we continue to drive forward R&D and develop new products, proximity to Sheffield’s research and innovation cluster will play an increasingly important role. The next steps for our company are building a team here in Sheffield and strengthening partnerships with regional researchers and healthcare providers.”

Link to the article at Bdaily.co.uk

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