The world's first advanced calibration phantom, currently being distributed to research institutions.

QASPER is an advanced calibration phantom for Arterial Spin Labelling (ASL). Its features include a unique MRI-compatible pump design, the use of proprietary technology to simulate capillary blood flow, and is calibrated to international standards. 

ASL is a magnetic resonance imaging technique for measuring tissue perfusion using a freely diffusible intrinsic tracer. ASL is non-invasive in nature and offers the ability to quantitatively measure tissue perfusion, which makes this method ideal for research and clinical studies. Recent technical advances have increased its sensitivity and extended its potential applications; it is now available for routine clinical practice in many institutions.

Quantitative Medical Imaging is not yet a clinical reality. Despite wide acceptance in research, intrinsically quantitative methods such as ASL are still not used in daily clinical practice due to the lack of internationally recognised standards and governance to enable Quality Assurance of quantitative data. As such, our first product will provide the enabling step to make the clinical use of quantitative ASL possible.

We are working with selected beta sites and have a fully tested, working product ready to engage in commercial activities.


  • Unique MRI compatible pump design
  • Proprietary technology simulates capillary blood flow
  • Calibrated to international standards

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