Gold Standard Phantoms are pleased to announce that our ongoing efforts to bring ASL quantitative measuring to the forefront of the MRI industry has been remarked upon in EIBIR’s latest strategic research agenda for biomedical imaging.
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Gold Standard Phantoms Limited is pleased to announce that it was successful in receiving funding of £100,000 from Innovate UK as part of the Precision Medicine competition for development of an automatic calibration software for standardisation of MR diffusion imaging, the most important quantitative imaging biomarker used for detection of early changes in prostate cancer.
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Gold Standard Phantoms are happy to announce that it has secured an additional £840,000 in private investment, in order to bring its first product to market and establish itself as a key provider of calibration services for clinical quantitative medical imaging worldwide.
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Gold Standard Phantoms is happy to announce that we, together with the National Physical Laboratory and NEL, have been awarded a £170,000 project from Innovate UK’s 'Analysis for Innovators' competition to create a 'traceable calibration for an MRI perfusion measurement'.
SBRI Healthcare
Gold Standard Phantoms Limited is delighted to have been chosen for a phase II funding of £1,000,000 from the NHS England's Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) to set up a complete solution, including phantom and cloud-based automatic analysis, for calibration of Arterial Spin Labelling (ASL). This funding will cover the development of CE marked phantoms and online calibration services.