A step closer harmonising the use of Arterial Spin Labeling (ASL)

April 17, 2024
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New Publication: Guidelines in Quantitative Cerebral Perfusion MRI with ASL

In a significant advancement in the field of medical imaging, a recent publication in the esteemed journal Magnetic Resonance in Medicine introduces comprehensive guidelines for quantitative cerebral perfusion MRI using multi-timepoint arterial spin labeling (ASL). The paper, titled "Recommendations for quantitative cerebral perfusion MRI using multi-timepoint arterial spin labeling: Acquisition, quantification, and clinical applications", serves as a crucial resource for both researchers and clinicians interested in cerebral perfusion imaging.

The article includes contributions from our CEO at Gold Standard Phantoms, Prof. Xavier Golay, an honorary professor of the University College of London's Institute on Neurology and a revered figure in MRI research. Prof. Golay's involvement underscores the integration of academic expertise and industry innovation, driving forward the capabilities and applications of MRI technology.

Gold Standard Phantoms’ QASPER: A Benchmark in MRI Calibration

Central to enhancing the precision and reliability of MRI perfusion measurements is the innovative QASPER phantom from Gold Standard Phantoms. The QASPER phantom, or Quantitative Arterial Spin Labeling Perfusion Reference, is designed to simulate the delivery of arterial blood to an organ. This technology serves as a calibration and quality assurance standard, ensuring that MRI perfusion measurements are both controlled and reproducible. QASPER's design enables it to mimic the complex physiological process of blood flow to the brain, providing a consistent and standardized reference that can be used across different MRI machines and settings. This capability is crucial for advancing the clinical applications of MRI, particularly in diagnosing and monitoring diseases that affect cerebral blood flow, such as stroke and dementia.

The guidelines proposed in the publication, combined with the application of the QASPER phantom, pave the way for significant enhancements in the field of MRI. These developments promise to improve the accuracy of diagnosing neurological conditions and enable a more detailed understanding of cerebrovascular diseases. By standardizing ASL MRI procedures, researchers and clinicians can confidently compare studies and progress toward more personalized medicine approaches. The collaboration between academia and industry, exemplified by Prof. Golay’s co-authorship and the technological innovation of QASPER, highlights an exciting era of improved diagnostic tools and refined imaging techniques. With these advancements, the medical community steps closer to offering better, more precise patient care and fostering further research in cerebral perfusion.

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Read the full publication on Wiley Online Library website here: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epdf/10.1002/mrm.30091

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