Xavier Golay

Chief Executive Officer

Xavier is a Professor of MRI Physics at UCL. He is the current CEO of GSP, and contributes over 20 years’ experience of R&D in the field of MRI, from new imaging techniques to the development of contrast agents.

Xavier is originally from Switzerland, where he studies at both the Lausanne and Zurich Institute of Technologies. He started working on Arterial Spin Labelling during his PhD in the Mid ‘90s and eventually became one of the world’s most renowned MRI specialists in this field. In addition to his academic career, Xavier spent two years working for Philips Healthcare in Singapore, followed by two years as a consultant to a CRO working with pharmaceutical industries in the same country. Since 2016, Xavier is Vice Dean for Innovation & Enterprise of the Faculty of Brain Sciences and, as such, is in charge of facilitating technology transfer within the faculty, by means of IP licensing, consulting activities or establishment of spinout companies.

In the last four years, Xavier co-founded both Imgenious and Gold Standard Phantoms together with Aaron and Tom. Xavier’s role is to oversee the whole operation at GSP and in particular to help providing the support and network necessary to such a small enterprise. He has been leading on most legal and financial aspects of the business and was key to ensure GSP’s first round of Private Equity funding. In addition, he provides guidance to the whole team.

In his free time, Xavier is an avid ballroom dancer, from Argentine tango to rock’n’roll.