The MultiSample120 phantom is a 120mm diameter cylindrical phantom, capable of holding up to eight industry-standard 15ml polypropylene centrifuge tubes.  It addresses the issue of not having a suitable container for multiple sample vials when preparing phantoms in-house (i.e. removes the need for tupperware).  The phantom is supplied empty as standard for filling by the user, making it ideal either for sequence/technique development or quality assurance of advanced imaging methods.  Alternatively, the phantom can be filled with solutions to the customer's specification.

Uses include:

  • Quantitative T1/T2 relaxometry.
  • Metabolic imaging and spectroscopy.
  • Multi-nuclear imaging and spectroscopy.
  • Quantitative diffusion imaging
  • Fat water fraction estimates.

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Diameter120mm (inner), 130mm (outer), 160mm (widest)
Overall Dimensions160mm x 160mm x 165mm (LxWxH)
MaterialsPolycarbonate (body, lid)
Acrylic (sample holder)
Nylon (fasteners, filling plugs)
Nitrile (o-ring)
Sample Containers8x industry standard 15ml polypropylene centrifuge tubes.  Easy snap-in design means that tubes can easily be changed without the need for tools.
Sample ContentsSupplied empty as standard
Optional: sample solutions can be provided as a special order at the customer's request
PackagingFoam-padded box for storage and transport
Optional ExtrasFittings for connecting to a circulating water system (system must be user supplied)
Foam insulating jacket
Insertable fibre optic thermometer probes

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